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Got Happiness? What does happiness even mean? We hit the streets to ask a few people to define it for us.

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Week 1: Surrendered Or Selfie?


Thirsting for _________


Restlessness is an emotion that we've all felt at one point or another. In a best case scenario, those awful knots in your stomach haunt you for a sleepless night and eventually go away. However, in it's worst case, restlessness can haunt you for an entire season of life and leave you searching for what's missing. How you choose to solve the issue depends entirely on who you are and what you've experienced. Some try to find the satisfaction they crave in a romantic relationship, leaving the other person trying to live up to unrealistic expectations. Others are left searching for satisfaction at the bottom of an empty bottle, only to realize their drunkenness leaves them feeling emptier than before. Those are just two of the endless options we have to choose from in a search for what's missing from our lives. As we browse through life's endless catalog of options, our hunger and thirst to find meaning only becomes greater and greater.


In an attempt to satisfy mankind's hunger for peace and satisfaction, Jesus said the following: "Happy are those who hunger and thirst for _______________." I know, I know. You must be wondering what kinda sick game I'm playing here. Surely you're interested in what word accurately fills in the blank, but humor me for a moment and fill in the blank with what it is you hunger and thirst for. Before we get to the right answer, it's important to draw a stark comparison between what you're pursuing in life, and what Jesus filled in the blank with. For many of you, the blank would read: "Financial Stability."  A well-meaning parent might fill it in with, "my child's stability and success."  Love, fitness, fame…The list goes on and on with possible answers, some flashier than others but all just as useless. Jesus would end up filling in the blank with a word many of us wouldn't use in a lifetime. The million dollar word he would use was righteousness. Check out tomorrow's blog to find out what this word means and get yourself once step closer to curing your restlessness. Until then, examine your behavior and figure out what you've been filling in the blank with. Then ask yourself, "how's that been working lately?"


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